Serving 48 states, with over 70 years of experience.



Hi-Ball offers a fleet of maxi flatbed and maxi step deck trailers. We currently run 20 maxis. All of our maxi set ups are 4 axle trailers and 4 axle trucks.



Hi-Ball Trucking is equipped with an over the road fleet of flatbeds and step decks. These are 3 axle tractors with spread axle step decks and flats.



Bonded and insured, we only broker to trusted carriers and ask for references when dealing with new carriers.


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Hi-Ball Trucking, Inc. began operations on May 22, 1946 in Cut Bank, Montana. Bill Fisher purchased the trucking operations from J. Hugo Aronson known as the “Galloping Swede”. Mr. Aronson was a local oil man who had been operating the trucks in his expanding oil business since 1932 and felt it time to concentrate on his main business and leave the trucking to others. Mr. Aronson was a colorful character in early Montana who later went on to become Governor of the State of Montana.


Mr. Fisher needed a name for his newly purchased company and decided on Hi-Ball, a term used in the old railroad days to tell the trains that the track was clear and to continue on full speed ahead. Mr. Fisher moved the company to Billings, Montana. in 1948 to be more centrally located to the regions oil fields.

The company focused on the oil business in the surrounding states and was always ready for a challenge in serving its customers. Whether it was being asked to go to Alaska in the dead of winter to the Spanish Sahara in the heat of summer Hi-Ball was there.


The company went through two other owners from 1969 through 1994 when it was purchased by the current owner Trent Smith. The oil fields were long from being a place to make a stable living so we expanded to become a nationwide carrier and remain that today.


While much has changed since 1946 the basics of service have not. Excellence and experience are based on time not words and mottos. We appreciate your interest in Hi-Ball Trucking and look forward to working with you as we continue on, full speed ahead.